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je suis…Gifts 4 YOU!

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

jesuis_chouettegifts_2012(2)We have some gorgeous gifts for our awesome customers!

The earrings will be available at the mainstore for all je suis… group members. If you have a friend who would love the earrings too then remember the group is only 99L and you also get 10% back in store credit on all your purchases!

je suis…Mainstore

The necklace will be available in the KittyCatS! advent calender from the 11th December to the 2nd Janaury. That means you have plenty of time to snap up both of these gifts during the holiday period!

KittyCatS! Mainstore

…douce soft & bright

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

je suis…douce soft

* 10 soft pearl colors
* 10 hibiscus colors
*   3 metal colors

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scripts can be removed

❚Photographer: Leah McCullough❚
❚Model: Leah McCullough❚

je suis…douce bright

* 10 bright pearl colors
* 10 hibiscus colors
*   3 metal colors

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scripts can be removed

❚Photographer: Strawberry Singh❚
❚Model: Keira Seerose❚

je suis…boheme

Monday, September 20th, 2010

je suis boheme promo

Stand out from the crowd
with this dazzling and unique
necklace and earrings set from je suis.

The diamond-encrusted settings of rare beads
and nice metals combine to make boheme the ideal accessories when you want to make an impression.

The Boheme pieces have endless possibilities for customizing and color matching with glow, texture change gems,pearls and metal,
and of course an easy to use resize features.

If you desire, all scripts can be removed for low lag.

je suis…sophistique

Monday, September 20th, 2010

je suis sophistique promo

Elegant and timeless,

the Pearl set from je suis… will complete any graceful look.
Highly polished and perfectly set,
the Pearl earrings,bracelets and necklace set will add their lustre to your own.

Simple and stunning,
the je suis… Pearls are the gems of the sea.

A menu allows you to change the color of the pearls and the metalwork, and comes with a resize menu.

Scripts may be removed to reduce lag, if you so desire.