haircare sonique

Sonique is an homage to the era when classic styles and starlets ruled in the golden age of Hollywood.

Stylish yet understated. Sonique is sleek, sublime and simply stunning.

How to use the Hair and the Hud?

The first thing you should do is to get your Demo hair and the Color Hud(you will need this in order to see in demo version all the colors available for the hair you selected).

Take a look at the list of colors. You simply have to press “apply” to change the color of the hair .You can change it in how many colors you want ,just don’t forget all of them are Demo version .

After you decided on the color ,buy the full version . Again activate the Color Hud and choose carefully your favorite color and then again press “apply” .Don’t forget this works only once for non-Demo version ,so you just have to be very carefully about it.

After you got it ,just rezz the hair on the group and take it back .This will offer you the normal permissions of the item you bought : Copy/Mod/No transfer