naive nails № 001

je suis…naive::Nails by Julia Merosi & Leah McCullough are the only nails you will ever need. Available in 9 colors, each nail set comes in three hand sizes (10, 20, 30), with or without ring. We include a custom nail HUD; simply attach to select the nail shade, metal, gemstone and glow of your choice, then detach. You can get precisely the color you need. The HUD includes a pose to help you customize your nails, and a button that deletes all scripts to reduce lag. Best of all, ::je suis…naive::Nails:: come with a handfixer to ensure that your nails stay where they belong. ::je suis…naive::Nails:: are the perfect choice for club, ballroom and catwalk.

To get all the options, wear the included HUD. If you are in an area that has no scripts allowed, the HUD will not work until you first enter an area where scripts are allowed.


Normally you can left click your package and select [unpack all]. you will get a folder with entire content of the package. Sometimes it happens that you don’t get all contents. Then please right click your package and select open. Here you go.

1) Wear your new Nails. (You may need to go into Appearances and check that your hand size is at 10, 20 or 30.)

2) Wear the Nail HUD. Click the buttons to select metal color, gemstone and glow.

3) Detach the Nail HUD.

Delete Scripts
Click the Button [remove scripts] in HUD to delete the Main Scripts for less lag. The handfix will still work.


Useful Tips
– You can copy the nails in your inventory and each copy will keep its settings when you wear them again. So you can store a copy of matching nails in the folder for an outfit.


The scripts have been thoroughly tested and should give no problems under normal conditions. If a script crashes due to SL issues or whatever reason you can use another copy in your inventory that still works. If your script totally crashed i will send you a new pack.