…la mer

Picture the perfect day.

Your face is caressed by soft Pacific breezes as you stroll along the beach with your lover, laughing and kissing.
You stop to gather seashells in the warm, wet sand at your feet – countless, tiny and beautiful.
And when you wear the new la mer set from je suis…, your heart returns to that faraway island in the sun.

Wear la mer with swimwear or casual wear for a fresh and classy seaside look.

The la mer bracelet and necklace let you change the shell color, and both pieces have easy resize menus.

To get the menu for all the options, click the jewellry. If you are in an area that has no scripts allowed, the menu will not work until you first enter an area where scripts are allowed.
► Choose String Texture
►►Change Textur of Shells
►►► Resize
►►►►►Usefull Tips

► Choose String Texture
Click the jewellry to get Main Menu. In the menu click the button [Strings] after that the Texture you want. The Strings will change to your choosen Texture.


►► Change Texture of Shells
Click the jewellry to get Main Menu. In the menu click the button [Shells], then the Texture you want and then the Shell Group you want to have that Texture. The Shells will change to your choosen Textur.


►►► Resize
Take a copy from the jewells you want to resize.Should the jewells does not fit out of the box, you can resize via menu. Take a copy from the Hair you want to resize. Click the Button [Size] in Main Menu.

►►►►Usefull Tips
– You can copy the jewells in your inventory and each copy will keep its colors and other settings when you wear them again. So you can store a copy of matching jewells in the folder for an outfit after you set up the colors.


The scripts have been thoroughly tested and should give no problems under normal conditions. If a script crashes due to SL issues or whatever reason you can use another copy in your inventory that still works. If your script totally crashed i will send you a new pack.